About ANH Treatment Room

Why ANH Treatment Room was founded

ANH Treatment Room was founded by Tony Hillier after a growing number of friends and family had recounted their sports massage therapy experiences in treatment for a wide variety of injuries. A shockingly large number felt like they had become little more than props in the treatment process with only a vague idea of what was being done and what the intended outcome would be. Medical language was routinely used but not explained and concerns about discomfort after treatments dismissed as normal.

Tony recognised the frustration and helplessness underlying these stories from similar personal experiences in medical treatment and while he could use his own knowledge and experience to provide the information and support that friends and family needed during their own treatment programmes, he began to wonder how many others could benefit from a more personal and grounded treatment service.

Clear vision and understanding

ANH Treatment Room was founded with a clear vision to provide high quality professional sports massage therapy in full partnership with the people being treated. To provide advice and guidance about treatment in plain language and to match the pace and intensity of treatments with the requirements of each individuals lives.

The mental wellbeing of each individual we treat is just as important as the physical and injuries are easier to treat when there is trust and understanding between you and your therapist. At ANH you already know your chief therapist - it's you!

From strength to strength

Starting from a small room in Port Talbot, via Mumbles, ANH has grown and grown. Clients that experienced the ANH approach gave feedback that confirmed our partnership approach and better still they spread the word through personal recommendations, our client list swelled and the Port Talbot room could not cope with demand.

The ANH Treatment Room in Port Talbot provides a relaxed environment close to Port Talbot town centre that gives our clients the accessibility and privacy they demand.

With clients ranging from long distance lorry drivers with back problems to regional sports people and elite athletes with Commonwealth and Olympic pedigree, we have extensive experience of all kinds of injuries and are constantly updating our skills and knowledge to ensure we provide the best available programmes of treatment.

The team

Head Sports Massage Therapist

Anthony Hillier MFHT


Tony holds:

  • Two Level 3 Diplomas in Sports Massage Therapy
  • Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology
  • Level 3 Certificate in Swedish Massage
  • Level 3 Diploma in Health, Safety, Security and Employment Standards

Tony is a qualified First Aid Instructor and Assessor

Tony has a current Home Office Enhanced CRB making him an ideal choice to work with children and vulnerable adults


Tony studied Sports Massage Therapy at Afan College Port Talbot. He began working with top sports people whilst still studying, he forged a relationship with the nearby premiership rugby team which has continued through to the present. He has also provided deep tissue massage therapy to members of the local championship rugby team.

Individual sports clients have included a former British Olympic athlete, a Commonwealth athlete, Track & Field athletes, Runners, Cyclists and Motor Cross riders.

Clients form the wider world include Physiotherapists, Nurses, Dentists, Lorry Drivers, Office Workers, gardeners, the retired and young people with growth or developmental challenges.

Other info

Tony leads exercise classes for local groups, in particular for Neath Port Talbot Parkinsons Support Group. In addition, Tony is available to give talks on health, exercise and other subjects - get in touch to find out more.