ANH Treatment Room can provide treatment programmes to assist with rehabilitation from a wide range of injuries and physical discomfort. We provide programmes for sports and non-sports related difficulties with the goal of helping clients return to their physically active state as quickly and effectively as possible.

Rehabilitation massage

Rehabilitation massage programmes are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. The soft tissue techniques we employ can be effective for both acute and chronic injuries, easing pain and spasm in the effected injury and in muscle groups strained through compensating for the injury. Sports therapy massage helps increase the strength and flexibility of repair tissues promoting a greater range of mobility and decreasing pain during rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation massage programmes are designed to work alongside the medical care you are receiving and we would recommend that clients consult their doctor before beginning a programme.

Maintenance massage

Regular maintenance massages are an effective way for those with active lifestyles, sports commitments or histories of injuries and pain to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring and to help their bodies recuperate form the strains of an active lifestyle. Regular contact with a massage therapist will allow them to build up an awareness of your bodies responses and can help identify potential danger signs before a painful injury occurs.

We also have experience of treating serious spinal injuries and treating clients with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy. Please get in touch to find out if we can help you.

Event massage

A massage pre and post a major activity can provide benefits both to performance and too health. A massage prior to a sporting event or a strenuous activity can help in the body warm up process, preparing muscle tissue and joints for the strain they are about to be placed under. After undertaking a strenuous physical activity of either the planned or unexpected variety, massage therapy can help the body to recover, easing muscle fatigue and spasms, helping the body deal with the metabolic build up and swelling that can easily lead to post event injury.

Our prices

Fees are based on clients visiting our ANH Treatment Room in Water Street, Port Talbot.

Appointments fee

All appointments are £30.00. Cash or cheque please.

Initial appointment

Assessment and Treatment

At the first appointment you will be asked to fill out a brief confidential medical history. Your condition will then be assessed collaboratively between yourself and your therapist, where you can explain your condition and its impact on your quality of life. Your therapist will give an easy to understand overview of the findings and an honest assessment of the benefits of treatment. Treatment programmes to meet your needs will then be discussed and agreed.

Subsequent appointments


Sports massage therapy treatments either agreed as part of a treatment programme or ad-hoc treatments requested by clients. Your therapist will explain the treatment and its purpose, answering any questions you have. It is important to keep your therapist updated on any changes in your physical condition or medical history. Once the treatment is over your therapist will update you on the progress of your treatment programme and make you aware of what to expect following the treatment.

* Please Note - Appointments for clients under 18 years old, vulnerable adults and female clients are made in the understanding that the client will have an appropriate person with them to act as chaperone.